Dresses, dresses, dresses. <3

The dresses are done and out in my little shop:https://epla.no/shops/cotseason/
There is only one of each dress and none look the same. So you alone will have a dress looking just like that.  Me likes that.
The fabric is cotton and it’s a one size, goes from S to L. 85cm to 100 cm over the bust.
I have lots of pictures of course and tada! Here they are, I hope you like them.



The day they learned to eat (cake).

The mother is flying too and from, hiding cake God knows where.

And this little cutie gets a wee bit upset when the mother hides the stuff instead of stuffing it into his mouth.

And the mother is off again….

One of the little ones had enough of this shit and is about to do something nasty to this pile of something something that takes the mothers attention away from him/her.

But then his/her sisters/brothers gives him the sour look and he had to step away from the cake.
In the end one of them understood what to do with this pile of something something and started to eat. And I almost felt I was the one who taught him/her to do it, and I felt oh so very proud.

What’s on your needles?

    A great deal, but I got bored and started to sew instead.




The dress I am wearing is made from an old pattern from 1976. A neighbour saw me in it and now I’ve got an order.   And my daughter is wearing a skirt made from one of my own patterns. When I buy clothes I always look at the fabric and buttons, because I am always thinking of the possibilities of reusing. The two quilts are two UFOs and I thought I better start working on them so that when my kids are old I will have gifts to give them. When, lets say, they turn 40 or something close to that.

Frozen lemons, sweet chili salmon and an old bike.

Buy some organic grown lemons, cut them in halves and put them in the freezer.
Bake the salmon in the oven, when done take them out (obviously) and add some sweet chili sauce and let them cool.
Get your favourite man (in my case, Pottifar) to fix an old bike you rescued from the garbage.
Make a salat, toast some bread and make lots and lots of ice-cold lemonade.
Carry it outside and eat it while you admire the view of your new (old) bike
And voila!